Quality & Innovation

is our mission!

Negin Sharif company is contained of experts in IT, IOT, AR/VR, computer games and skilled programmers which produces the innovative products for a better life quality!

Nice & User-friendly design

Modern graphic and attractive design for users interest and convenience.

IOT products

Development of advanced IOT systems by cutting-edge technology

Best applications

Production of different android and iOS apps based on the customized backends

Web based systems

Production of different practical applications by the recent technologies

Creativity in design and performance: Our paradigm

In our creative group, all the members are working hard to know the opportunities and potentials and then by using these opportunities or by solving a problem, provide an innovative and creative solution.

Negin Sharif Costomers Testimonials

95% Satisfaction!

Our project was the creation of a sports hall management software that was donated to Negin Sharif Company. The result was beyond our expectations! Astonish our performance and design.

Mohammad Reza BagheriDirector of the Office of Amir Kabir University of Technology

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North East of Tehran Office: No. 3, Block 2, Milad Building, Artesh H.w. Aghdasiyeh

North West of Tehran Office: No. 4, Roshd Markaz, National Institute of Nutrition Research and Food Industry, West Arghavan, Farahzadi Blv., Shahrak Gharb

Phone Nubmber: 021 – 22 473 251
Email: info@sepehr-pars.ir
Mobile: +98 910 4500 581

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